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Super Ready Meal Day

QQ Frozen Fish Ball 250g (Frozen) - Longdan Online Supermarket
Sale price£3.85
QQ Fish QQ Fish Ball 250g
QQ Frozen Fried Fish Cake 250g (Frozen) - Longdan Online Supermarket
Tokyo Wantan Pastry 140g (30 pcs) (Frozen) - Longdan Online Supermarket
Coming Soon!
Kim Son Assorted Mini Spring Roll 200g (Frozen) - Longdan Official Online Store
Hoa Nam Chicken & Mushroom Steamed Buns 480g (Frozen)
Kim Son Sugarcane Covered Shrimp Paste 250G
Kim Son Shrimp Stuffed Crab Claw 300g - Longdan Official
QQ Fried Fish Cake 1kg - Longdan Official
Sale price£11.95
QQ Fish QQ Fried Fish Cake 1kg
Kim Son Crispy Glutinous Rice with Squid Paste 300g - Longdan Official
Kim Son Breaded Banana With Sesame 300g
Kim Son Breaded Banana With Peanut 300g
Kim Son Fried Sesame Balls With Red Bean 300g
Kim Son Shrimp Stick Spring Roll 250G
Kim Son Fried Vermicelli With Crab 250G

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