Special Packing and Delivery Policy

(For the Frozen product only)

Frozen food is considered to be one of the safest forms of food preservation. However, if handled or stored incorrectly, there may potentially be a high health risk to the consumer. To help strengthen our shipping efforts and ensure your product arrives in pristine condition, we implemented different packing and delivery methods for frozen products.


Which shipping method will be applied?

Standard shipping will be selected as our shipping method for frozen products to ensure best possible quality of your products. Average transit time is 2-3 working days, excluding Saturday and Sunday. For this reason, any orders placed after 12 pm on Thursday will not be dispatched until the following week to ensure the items are in the best possible condition.


How is my shipment packed?

We pack frozen products using dry ice and insulated bags. This keeps your products cooler for longer while in transit and ensures your product arrives in pristine condition. Please note that there will be an additional weight for the dry ice and the insulated bag added to your order if you are purchasing frozen items.


What do I need to know about shipping cost and surcharge?

The total shipping cost is including the base cost of transporting goods and the surcharge. Please note that the surcharge is applied to the frozen products only. (For products that are classified as frozen items, see the product page.)

The free-shipping policy is applied within England border for the base cost of transporting goods and does not include the surcharge. So, you can get free of charge for the base cost of transporting goods on orders over £60, provided they have no frozen products. However, there is an extra charge of £6.00 for the frozen items due to the surcharge

- For England & Wales area, the base cost of transporting goods will be £5.95 for order below £40, and £3.95 for order below £60.
- For Scotland & Northern Ireland area, the base cost of transporting goods will be £17.50 for order below £60, and £15.50 for order above £60.
- For Isle of Man & Isle of Wight area, the base cost of transporting goods will be £22.50 for any order.

Currently, we do not limit the weight of your orders. However, the minimum order value must be £20.00 per shipment. We also encourage you to buy in bulk with an invoice over £60 to save your packing expenses and time.

To illustrate this point, let’s see an example below:

Let’s say your order includes one or more frozen items to be shipped somewhere in the United Kingdom. If your order is under £60 but over £40, your total shipping cost will be £9.95 per shipment. This means the total shipping cost includes the base cost of transporting goods (£3.95) plus the surcharge (£6.00). If your order is over £60, the total shipping cost is £6.00 for the surcharge, as the base cost of transporting products is free.

To put it simply, if your order is over £60 and does not include any frozen items, you are free of charge for the total shipping cost.

To summarize, please see this picture for more information about the shipping cost and surcharge:

What do I need to do when receiving the parcels?

Firstly, you must be available on the day of delivery to sign for the parcels or provide a secure location to ensure your order can be delivered to you.

Secondly, once your parcel has been received, please place these items in the freezer straight away.

Finally, you should check out the condition of everything as it arrives. In case the packaging is damaged, please report to us within 1-2 hours after you receive the parcels.

Please note that our ice packs can keep the frozen items at low temperatures upon arrival. The frozen items might be slightly defrosted on the surface, but will still be in their best condition for refreezing or immediate consumption.

These are some of the essential things to know about our special packing and delivery services. If you still have any other questions, please let us know. As always, we are here to help!

In order to maintain Social Distancing & Self Isolation while still able to receive your delivery, please follow the courier service guidance on this matter.

For DHL: download and utilize DHL Express Mobile application.

For DPD: visit DPD Help Page or edit your delivery preferences with this page.

All of our deliveries are sent from our depot in LeytonCourier Service is provided by InXpress UK.

Delivery time are within 2-3 working days. All deliveries must be signed for.

- For England & Wales, the deliver price will be:
£5.95 for orders from £20 to £39.99.
£3.95 for orders from £40 to £59.99.

Orders from £60.00 or above will be delivered FREE of charge within England & Wales border.

- For Scotland & Northern Ireland, the deliver price will be:
£17.50 for orders from £20 to £59.99.
£15.50 for orders from £60 and above.

- For Isle of Man & Isle of Wight, the deliver price will be:
£22.50 for any order.

Notice: Frozen Product Surcharge is £6.00 for whole order.

The minimum spend for delivery is £20.

If you live in the UK, we can deliver it to your doorstep.

We are unable to ship to destinations outside of the UK at present.

For DHL: visit the DHL Tracking Page, then choose the delivery option which suits your preference.

For DPD: visit the DPD Tracking Page, then choose the delivery option which suits your preference.

By default,  a card will be left letting you know that the courier tried to deliver it. An attempt will then automatically be made to deliver it to you on the next working day.

Delivery times are Monday to Friday, 12:00 – 20:00 (depends on the area)

If we know about the delay prior to the delivery, we will send you an email to let you know.

In addition, the courier will keep you as informed as they can – when they are not driving, of course.

If there are any issues, you can send us an email at or start a live chat, and our Customer Service team will do their best to help.


For DHL: Using the tracking number (14 numbers) on this page.

For DPD: Using the tracking number (14 numbers) on this page.

You can also check the tracking link provided by us to you through email invoice after checking out order on our website.

We always aim to make sure to deliver products our customers will love, but if you do need to return an order, we’re happy to help.

Please be sure to take a picture, clearly showing the product you want to return and then email us directly with the picture attached, and we’ll take you through the process.

When you have successfully completed an order, we will send you a confirmation email containing your order details.

Cannot see the email? You may need to double check your Junk folder. Some customers with their junk filters actively turned on may not receive confirmation emails.

By email: – we answer all day, every day. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response.

By live chat: chat to us anytime. Click the Live Chat button on our website and give us your feedback. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

By Facebook: visit Longdan Facebook to send us message, comment on our posts or simply receive the latest update on our products and promotion events.

You can find groceries suitable for special diets by clicking on the "Lifestyle" tab below the search bar.

Please do note that we try our best to constantly update the product’s content to provide you with suitable information related to many special diets, allergen warnings, as well as a variety of lifestyles in order to make your shopping experience pleasurable. However, if there are any mistakes you see with our page or product content, please email us or report it to our live chat and we will make an update to change it as soon as possible.

We will charge you for your order after you receive a confirmation email from us.


Of course. Just leave a message on our live chat and it will be sent to our Purchasing Team to review. If enough people express an interest, then we may start stocking it.

Most commonly, your order value might below our minimum spend (£20).

It also could be that your card may be due to expire. We only take payment for orders once customers have confirmed theirs order.
Unfortunately, we cannot verify your new card as it cannot be activated until your current one expires.
If you do not think it is either of the above, you will need to contact your bank to ensure there are no problems with your card. They will also be able to verify a new card for you.

The payment will be made ONLY after the confirmation of your order.

Customers who have already received their confirmation email cannot change the content of their order.

However, you can contact our customer services (including email and live chat), we will gladly edit your order as you wish, provided 6 hours has not passed since your confirmation.

When you log in, click the 'Forgotten your password?' link.

Follow the instructions and we will email you a secure link so you can reset your password.

Note: AOL users may have their emails blocked, so if you do not receive anything from us, please send us an email at or start a live chat. We'll be happy to reset your password for you.

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