Special Packing and Delivery Policy

(For the Frozen product only)

In fact, frozen food is considered to be one of the safest forms of food preservation. However, if it is not handled or stored correctly, it poses a high risk of ill health to the consumer. To help strengthen our shipping efforts and ensure your product arrives in pristine condition; we implement packing and delivery in a special way for the frozen products.

Which shipping method will be applied?

Standard shipping will be selected as our shipping method for frozen products to ensure best possible quality of your products. According to estimates, average transit time is 2-3 working days and excludes Saturday and Sunday. For this reason, any orders placed after 12 pm on Friday may not be dispatched until the following week to ensure the items are in the best possible condition.

How my shipment is packed?

We pack frozen products using our dry ice and insulated bag. This solution keeps your products cooler for longer while in transit and ensures your product arrives in pristine condition. So, please note that there will be an additional weight for the dry ice and insulated bag added to your frozen order.

What do I need to know about shipping cost and surcharge?

The total shipping cost included the base cost of transporting goods and the surcharge. Please note that the surcharge is applied for the frozen products only. (For products that are classified as frozen Items, you can see on the product page.)

Besides, the free-shipping policy is applied within the UK border for the base cost of transporting goods and does not include the surcharge. So, you can get free of charge for the base cost of transporting goods on orders over £60. However, there is an extra charge of £6.00 for the frozen items due to the surcharge.

Especially, for the United Kingdom area, the base cost of transporting goods will be £3.95 for any order.

Currently, we do not limit the weight of your orders. Meanwhile, the minimum order value must be £40.00 per shipment. We also encourage you to buy in bulk with an invoice over £60 to save your packing expenses and time.

To illustrate this point, let’s see an example below:

In case your order includes one or more frozen items to the United Kingdom area. If your order is under £60 but over £40, your total shipping cost will be £9.95 per shipment. In a little more detail, the total shipping cost includes the base cost of transporting goods (£3.95) plus the surcharge (£6.00). Otherwise, if your order is over £60, total shipping cost is £6.00 for the surcharge. Because the base cost of transporting goods is free.

In the best simple case, if your order is over £60 and does not include any frozen items, you can get free of charge for total shipping cost.

To summarize, please see the picture below for more information about the shipping cost and surcharge:

What do I need to do when receiving the parcels?

Firstly, you must be available on the day of delivery to sign for the parcels or provide a secure location to ensure your order can be delivered to you.

Secondly, once your parcel has been received, please place these items in the freezer straight away.

Finally, you should check out the condition of everything as it arrives. In case the packaging is damaged, please report to us within 1-2 hours after you receive the parcels.

Please note that our ice pack system can keep the frozen items at quite low temperature on arrival. The frozen items might be slightly defrosted on the surface, but will still be in their best condition for refreezing or immediate consumption.

After all, these are some of the essential things to know about our special packing and delivery services. In case you have any questions, don’t forget to consult with us. And as always, we’re here to help!