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Mooncakes are a traditional Chinese dessert usually eaten during the Autumn Festival and sometimes during Lunar/Chinese New Year. They are a food that is near and dear to most Oriental families and people because of what they symbolize. 


1 - Unique mooncake fillings will make your mouth water during the Mid-Autumn Festival

2 - Mooncake is a festival limited product. Don't Miss It!!

3 - What do Mooncakes represent?


1 - Unique mooncake fillings will make your mouth water during the Mid-Autumn Festival

Mooncakes are a Chinese dessert that is usually eaten around festival times. It is made with a filling and a thick dough/crust that can contain egg yolks from salted duck eggs. Depending on their filling, mooncakes can be considered both sweet and savory. The most common fillings for mooncakes are lotus or red bean best, and combined with the dough made from salted egg, it can give a sweet and savoury flavour. However, fillings can vary from sesame paste or even preserved meat such as salted pork. Some mooncakes even have a whole salted egg inside the dough! On top of the mooncakes are usually a design that could be chinese characters or floral patterns.

Below are some of the Mooncake flavours we offer, each with a different mooncake filling. 

Yueban Mooncake 2-Yolks White Lotus 750g

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2 - Mooncake is a festival limited product. Don't Miss It!

Traditionally, mooncakes are eaten during the Mid-Autumn festival, a festival most notably celebrated by Chinese and Vietnamese people. However, celebrations during mid-autumn happen all across East Asian in places such as Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore etc. 

Mooncakes are also eaten during Chinese New Year, or Tết in Vietnam. Also known as Lunar New Year, this period of time is the biggest celebration for Asian people. It celebrates the new year based on the lunar calendar, which is from the monthly cycles of the moon (hence the name, mooncake). Since the Lunar New Year celebrations are up to two weeks, if you have any visitors during that time, you can serve them a mooncake cut in wedges with a hot cup of tea.


3 - What do Mooncakes represent?

Mooncakes represent family reunion. The circular form of the mooncake shows completeness and being together with your loved ones.


People eat mooncakes together with their family to show their love and express the best wishes they have for those in their family. The salted egg used in the dough and sometimes the filling represent the moon and the moon cycles for lunar new year.

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