Overview of Asian noodles that you should know

The extremely diverse and rich cuisine of Asia has captivated millions of people who are passionate about food. However, when it comes to Asian cuisine, no one does not mention the countless types of noodles prepared with hundreds of different broths. This article will introduce and provide knowledge for foodies about the types of noodles, from which you will distinguish them most easily.

  1. Rice Noodles

One of Asia's most famous noodles - rice noodles. Made from rice flour combined with water and shaped like Italian linguine noodles. They are milky white with a large rectangular cross section and when cooked, the rice noodles will become transparent. Rice noodles appear in many different Asian cuisines, from Vietnam, Thailand to East Asian countries like China, etc.

  1. Egg Noodles

egg noodles

Like its name suggests, egg noodles are made from egg as the main ingredient along with other ingredients. They have a chewier texture than rice noodles. Egg noodles are also widely available in many Asian countries such as China, Vietnam and some Western cuisines such as Italy.

  1. Glass Noodles

glass noodles

Another type of noodle that is equally popular is glass noodles. This noodle has many different variations (green beans, sweet potatoes, etc.) combined with water. They also have long, transparent fibers. Glass noodles is used as an ingredient in spring rolls, Korean japchae, and Chinese hot pots.

  1. Vermicelli Noodles


It is also made from rice flour like rice noodles, but vermicelli has a darker white color and a thicker cross-section of each strand. This type of fiber is extremely popular in both Eastern and Western cuisines, such as Guilin breakfast-y porridge noodles, and in Vietnamese dishes.

  1. Udon

Udon is specifically Japanese and is perhaps the thickest and chewiest wheat flour type of Asian noodle featured in soups. There are several different regional versions of udon, but the soup broth is often a mirrin or dashi broth, with fish cakes, tempura, and green onions.

  1. Ramen


Ramen originated in China before being adopted by the Japanese in the 1900s. Ramen noodles are made of wheat, and aside from the 99cent college version, can be quite luxurious. Served in different broths (soy, miso, pork) along with some kind of protein, egg, seaweed, radish, and green onion.


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