The 6 Best Alternatives To Milk For Vegan Diets

Are you looking for the milk alternatives with all 100% plant-based ingredients? Check out the best suggestion of the vegan milk with tasty flavour and full of nutritions.


  • What is best alternatives to milk?
  • What are the benefits of best alternatives to milk for customers?
  • 6 best alternatives to milk product nowadays

6 Best Alternatives To Milk For Vegan Diets

What is best alternatives to milk?

Vegan milk or Seed milk is best alternatives to milk, is milk made from nuts. Therefore, it is also known as vegetable milk and many other names according to the type of seed to process milk such as soybean milk, cashew milk, corn milk...

Vegan milk is produced based on the consumer’s need for a product with the same properties as milk but not of animal origin. Seed milk is recommended for all customers, from elderly to children.

What are the benefits of best alternatives to milk for customers?

Because its origin is from nuts, so vegan milk has the same health properties as nuts. For example, using nut milk will help consumers prevent aging; maintain beauty, especially for women. For children and elderly, with the large amount of Omega-3, best alternatives to milk product also helps develop brain as well as improves memory,  especially milk made from walnuts, almonds, cashews...

benefits of best alternatives to milk

Besides that, Vegan milk composition contains fibre, vitamins and minerals, these ingredients are very good for human guts. In addition, it also supports health, lowers cholesterol, helps diabetics and burns fat in the body.

6 best alternatives to milk product nowadays

Today, environmental issues and animal cruelty are more concerns than before. Therefore, best alternatives to milk product capture the attention of customers. Here are 8 representatives of current favourite vegan milk:

  1. Soya milk

This is the best alternatives to milk; it has the nutritional value that similar to cow’s milk. Soya milk provides good protein and calcium with low calories level. Using soya milk for a long time can prevent the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease. For using purposes, this vegan milk can be used for cooking, baking as well as foamed. To diversify products on the market, food companies have introduced soya milk with different flavours, such as vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, etc.

  1. Oat milk

On the market, we can easily see that oat milk is increasingly interested and used by consumers. For reasons such as its high fibre content and uses such as reducing cholesterol and regulate digestion, oat milk is a great choice for vegans. However, oat milk is higher in carbohydrates and sugar than other type of milk, so people with diabetes should avoid using these foods.


  1. Macadamia nut milk

Macadamia nut milk is another best alternative to milk. It provides low protein, carbohydrates and calories. Although it is a good milk substitute, but due to it just released, this product has not received as much as attention from customers as other types of milk.

  1. Hazelnut milk

Like other type of milk, this milk is also produced in many flavours so that consumers can choose easily their favourite flavour. Hazelnut milk provides more calories and less protein than other alternatives.

Hazelnut milk

  1. Coconut milk

The best alternatives to milk for cooking, coconut milk will give food a delicious aroma. People using this kind of milk for all kind of recipe, from curry to smoothies as well as ice cream.

best alternatives to milk

  1. Cashew milk

Cashew milk contain unsaturated fat, that healthy for people suffer with heart disease and diabetes.