The Plantbase Store - Vegan & Vegetarian Paradise

The Plantbase Store branches out to a healthier life for anyone living an Organic and Plant-Based Lifestyle. Here is an endless vegan & vegetarian paradise which are available both in-store and online store.

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I - The Plantbase Store - vegan and vegetarian paradise

II - The top best vegan & vegetarian product to add your diet

III - Where to get the best vegan products at good price?

I- The Plantbase Store - vegan and vegetarian paradise

Longdan is the largest Vietnamese food importer in the UK, and for the majority of our time we have sold Asian ingredients in order to bring the new taste of the Oriental to the public. However, here at Longdan we are also passionate about being healthy and sustainable, which is why in 2019 we launched our new brand “The Plantbase Store”.

As a part of Longdan Ltd, The Plantbase Store is here to deliver the best vegan products possible to consumers. Our original idea was to find a way to make nutritious products to satisfy those who are passionate about plant-based diets. Learn more about plant-based diets here

The Plantbase Store offers the highest quality vegan and organic products from the most trusted suppliers, and we offer a wide-range of products that are both healthy and sustainable.

II- The top best vegan and vegetarian products to add your diet

Below are some of our best-selling products from The Plantbase Store. Look through them and see if any catch your attention! 

1 - Yamadai Vegan Noodles

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A Chinese style, sesame paste noodle soup. Contains non-fried noodles as well as soup and seasoning packets. A healthier version to your traditional instant noodles, and the seasoning packets contain no MSG or alcohol, and the non-fried noodles, meaning you would be consuming less saturated fats, lowering your chance of heart disease. A great alternative if you ask me! 

2 - Mr. Organic Basmati White Rice 500g

An aromatic and slender, long grain rice with a nutty flavour. Mr. Organic Basmati White Rice is fluffy and versatile, while also being completely organic. It is grown with organically sourced ingredients, and those working at Mr. Organic always has our planet in mind while making their products. 

3 - Thuan Phat White Grass Jelly 50g

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Thuan Phat White Grass Jelly (Bột Sương Sáo)  can help you make a sweet jelly without the use of gelatin or other animal products. It only takes 15 minutes to prepare, and soon you will have a clear, delicious, bouncy dessert that isn’t too sugaray. Grass Jelly is often served with fruits or in bubble tea. 

4 - GREEN ORIGINS Org Spirulina Powder 90g

Spirulina powder is a blue-green algae that is a popular health supplement. Spirulina is a nutrient-dense food packed with vitamins such as A, C, B, and E as well as a lot of minerals including calcium and magnesium. Spirulina powder is a good antioxidant, and can help tissue and cells from damage. It can be added into smoothies or sprinkled over salads for an extra boost. 

5 - BIONA ORG Passata Rustica - no BPA 680g

An organic Passata Rustica sauce made with sun-ripened tomatoes that have been pureed and roughly-sieved for a chunky finish. All the tomatoes are organically grown with no chemical used, and it is a traditional Italian sauce to keep in your cupboard. Can be used as a base on pizza, soups and of course, rustica sauce. 

We hope our Plantbase Store will help and inspire people to have a more Organic & Plant based living, and we aim to make it easier for people to make those choices.

III - Where to get the best vegan products at good price?

Wondering where you can get these products and others similar at the best price? Well, if you’re situated in London, we have three stores in London already (store locator here). If not, check out our website (we deliver anywhere in the United Kingdom), where you can shop online for vegan and vegetarian products as well as other Asian ingredients to aid your cooking!