Longdan introduces the famous hot sauce line from Hot Headz!

With more than 10 years of experience in the hot sauce market, Hot Headz's products are always loved by consumers because of not only the ardentness and originality of each sauce. And now, all are present at Longdan supermarkets.

What are hot heads and their hot sauce range?

Speaking of Hot Headz, people immediately think of the products that make up the brand of Hot Headz such as Black Mamba, Hot-Headz !, Marie Sharp's, etc. Its products are made from a variety of ingredients, from grassy taste of the jalapeno to the blisteringly hot and fruity flavor of the habanero or the smoky, nutty flavor of the chipotle. Hot Headz is sure to take you on a colorful cruise of tree sauces, a roller coaster of taste you'll never forget.

For example:

Hot-Headz! Jalapeno Pepper Sauce- The jalapeno is named after the town of Jalapa in Mexico. It's distinctive fresh and grassy flavour makes it a favourite amongst chili lovers

Hot-Headz! Kickin' Chicken Original Wing SauceThe Hot-Headz! Kickin' Chicken Wing range of sauces are a special secret blend of aged chilli peppers and quality ingredients to create a perfectly balanced smooth sauce.

Hot-Headz! Habanero Pepper Sauce -Habanero literally means "from Havana" which is strange seeing as they don't grow them there any more! Forget their cigars as well - this is one smokin' hot pepper sauce

Who Dares Burns! Super Hot Sauce- The UK's No.1 best selling Super Hot Sauce, it has been sold over 100,000 bottles since it's birth!

Chili Hot Sauce

Unexpected benefits of Hot Headz's hot sauce

In addition to adding flavor to dishes or making sauces, hot sauces also bring many benefits to people, specifically:

  • Clears Up Congestion: With the amount of heat in the hot sauce, you will be completely cleared of any blockages.
  • Boosts Metabolism: In most types of hot sauce contains capsaicin and vitamin C- which are substances that help strengthen the metabolism effectively.
  • Provide Antioxidants: Each type of chili in hot sauce contains separate antioxidants. Those oxidants have different special functions. For example, in red chili peppers there are substances that slow down the growth of cancer cells or prevent different types of cancer.