Chung Cake Recipe

For Vietnamese people, Chung Cake is no longer a strange dish but it is part of the Vietnamese tradition, especially during the holidays. However, with today's busy life, perhaps many people have forgotten the recipe to make a standard Chung Cake. Don't worry, we've got the simplest and most delicious way to make Chung Cake below


chung cake


  • Dong leaves: wash each leaf thoroughly on both sides and dry thoroughly. The more you wash the cake, the less moldy it will become later on. Before wrapping, use a sharp sharpener (a small knife used for peeling) to remove the stalk along the back of the leaf to make the leaves less hard, drain (if the leaves are too brittle, you can steam a little to make the leaves soft and easy to pack).
  • Bamboo lattes (Lat Giang) are soaked in water for about 8 hours, then shredded about 0.5 cm thin.
  • Sticky rice: remove all other rice grains, grit, gravel mixed in, wash and soak the rice in water with 4g salt for about 8 hours Then take it out to dry.
  • Mung beans: Crush finely, soak in water for about 4 hours to soften and bloom, remove all shells, take out and drain. Add 4g salt and mix well.
  • Bacon: Wash and dry. Then cut the meat into pieces about 4cm, then marinate with 4g seasoning seeds, 1g pepper, leave for about 30 minutes to infuse.


  1. First, you fold it into a rectangle below and then place the mold on top. Arrange the folded dong leaves squarely into rectangular sides in the mold. When arranging dong leaves, the dark green side of the leaf should be placed inside and the lighter green side outside so that the dark side of the leaf is in contact with the rice, it will make the cake have a more beautiful green color.
  1. Scoop about 200g of glutinous rice into the mold, press and spread evenly so that the rice fills the bottom of the mold.
  1. Continue to spread 100g green beans evenly over the rice, put 1 piece of meat on top and then spread another 100g green beans to cover the meat (should not spread green beans all the way to the edge of the mold but should leave about 1.5 cm).
  1. Then take another 200g of glutinous rice and spread it around and cover the mung bean surface. Use your hands to gently press the rice at the corners and sides of the cake to compress the rice.
  1. Finally fold the edges of the leaves, where the excess leaves are not needed, we use scissors to cut them neatly. Then the left hand keeps the leaf from spreading, the right hand slowly takes the mold out and puts it on the left wrist. Switch your right hand to hold the leaf and then remove the mold from your hand. Pull the ends of each thread to tie the cake.
  1. Use flatbread to add evenness and firmness to the cake, cut off the excess to make the cake beautiful and neat
  1. Put banh chung in a pot vertically, pour water over the surface of the cake and boil continuously for about 8 hours. When boiling the cake, if the water dries up, you must add more boiling water to cover the surface of the cake so that the cake is cooked evenly.
  1. After boiling, remove the cake, wash the leaves in cold water to remove the plastic, drain. Arrange the cake in several layers, use a heavy weight to press the cake to release the water, firm and smooth for a few hours. Then hang the cake up or leave it in a dry place in the house to store