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Ready-to-serve japanese hot meal with crispy veg & a savoury taste you can't miss

  • Easy to prepare for minimum effort

  • Suitable for vegetarian

  • Easily customisable

*Serving suggestion

How To Customize Our Yakisoba

Indefinately customisable depending on your creativity with different type of toppings or sauces

Yakisoba & Cooked Salmon

Tofu & avocado with wasabi sauce

Yakisoba & Egg

What Inside Make Our yakisoba A Perfect dish
of your choice

Because ingredients matter, our Yakisoba noodles are made with vegetarian-friendly ingredients that we can share with confidence

Our yakisoba is made from trusted, quality ingredients to give you a soft, chewy and yummy bite.

  • Suitable for vegetarian

  • 9 different types of vegetables: broccoli, carrot, red paprika, asparagus, shiitake mushrooms, cabbage, edamame, water chestnut and snow pea

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Visit our blog for recipes, advices & how to make a delicious Yakisoba noodles dish!

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Ready-to-service Japanese Hot Meal Solution with Ajinomoto Yakisoba

Your Questions, Answered.

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Is your noodle suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, this food is suitable for vegetarians.

Do you use GMO in your foods?

None of the ingredients we use to make our foods contain GMO.

Is it ready to eat?

Yes, our product are ready meal within only 4 min in the microwave

Where I can buy your product?

You can buy our product online at this website or find our products at our store near you here

How do I store your product?

We recommend storing our product in frozen at -18 degree or below

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