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(How to prepare Vegan shredded chicken?)
Soak in water to soften the texture. Gently squeeze out excess water piece by piece then seasoning to achieve desired taste. Can be used for frying, stewing, soup and salad.

How to make

Vegan Shredded chicken dishes


You will need: 

Vegan shredded chicken, laksa leaves, chili, lemon, leek and accompany seasoning.

Step 1:

Prepare vegan shredded chicken as instruction, wash laksa leaves and cut leek into pieces.

Step 2:

Put the oil in the pan, heat the oil, add the tamarind and fry until golden. Take out and set aside the tamarind and scoop out a little oil to mix.

Step 3:

Put the vegan shredded chicken in the oil pan and fry until golden brown. Leave to cool, shred for salt, pepper, monosodium glutamate, pour oil and fried leek, mix well, squeeze lemon and laksa leaves, mix well, put on a plate. Cut up the chili pepper, put on top for decoration.