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(How to prepare Vegan Pork loin?)
Soak in water to soften the texture. Gently squeeze out excess water piece by piece then seasoning to achieve desired taste. Can be used for frying, stewing, soup and salad.


How to make

Vegan riblets sour soup 


You will need: 

Vegan pork loin, garlic, chili, green onion, chili sauce and accompany seasoning.

Step 1:

Prepare vegan pork loin as instruction. Finely mince chili and garlic.

Next, saute garlic and chili until golden, add fish sauce, add a little water, honey and season to taste.


Step 2:

Then add a little chili sauce to make the water slightly thicken and add the fried cutlet ribs. Turn the heat very low until the water runs out, then turn off the heat and put green onions on top.