Vu Lan Festival and suggested vegan menu by Longdan

Vu Lan festival

Vu Lan (Ullambana) Festival is one of the long-standing traditional ritual festivals of the Vietnamese families to express their gratitude to parents and ancestors. This festival is held on the 15th day of the 7th lunar month and during this festival, a lot of Vietnamese families go vegan to dedicate their good merits to their deceased seniors and pray for all the living a life of abundance, good fortune and longevity.

Longdan's suggested menu for Vu Lan Festival

As Vu Lan holiday approaches, we will provide you with a menu of vegan dishes that come directly from our ingredients.

  1. Vegan Pork Loaf Stew With Vegetable Recipe


How to make:

  • Slice carrot into 3cm pieces, potato into 2 cm square pieces.
  • Slice eggplant into 3cm pieces then cut it into 4 pieces. Put all the pieces to salty water.
  • Slice round cabbage into 2 cm square pieces, sour cabbage into 3 cm pieces.
  • Slice cane into small pieces then cut it into thinner pieces
  • Slice Vegan Pork Roll into small pieces, the same measurement of vegetable.
  • Cut chili into small pieces.
  • Fry slightly carrot, potato and eggplant with vegetable oil
  • Prepare other pan with 2 tablespoon of vegetable oil and fry onion pieces. Then put chili and cane at the bottom bot the pan. Pour 150ml coconut water, add ½ tablespoon of natural food coloring, ¼ tablespoon of 5 spice powder, ¼ tablespoon of salt, ¼ tablespoon of vegan seasoning, 1 tablespoon sugar, 3 tablespoon of soy sauce into the mixture. Next, put all the vegetable into the pan and start stewing with medium heat in 15 minutes until there are no sauce in the pan.
  • Scoop all the vegetable on a plate and served with white rice.

*Note: Fry all the vegetable before stew so that all the ingredients can absorb more spices. Using can at the bottom of the pan to create a slightly sweet taste and prevent burning pan.

  1. Sweet and Sour Vegan Rib Tips Stir-Fry Recipe


How to make:

  • Fry shredded purple onion until it is slightly browned. Add vegan rib to the pan until it turns pale yellow.
  • Add red bell peppers with vegan seasoning powder, sugar and lemon juices to the pan and cook until everything is well-done.
  • Put some coriander on top for decoration

In addition, you can easily create vegan dishes for yourself and your family with ingredients from our The Plantbase Store product range. Please click the link below: