Shopping For Back To School!

The school season is right around the corner, and everyone, especially students, are becoming busier. With all this stress, the question of what to eat after your long day is in everybody's mind. Introducing our back-to-school promotions on some of our products, to hopefully help you out with this dilemma.

Rice is a staple in almost every Asian household and knowing how to cook it properly ensures the rest of your meal has a stable foundation to build on. Because rice is such a basic ingredient in one’s cooking, you don’t want to be spending ages trying to get it right without a rice cooker. Right now, Longdan is offering both the Remo Rice Cooker and a 5kg bag of Golden Lotus Premium Jasmine Rice together (at a cheaper price of course), specially for the month of September. With these two, you can cook a perfect batch of white rice every time, without wasting any time!


In addition to this, we are also offering a great deal on healthy snacks to power you during break-time in school. Nowadays, you can find a wide range of snacks on the market, but we should choose better snack for your health. The Native Snack and Eat Real are two type of snack with healthy ingredients that suitable for vegan and gluten free.


Noodles are one of the most convenient items that you can’t miss in your back-to-school plan. Vifon instant noodles that can quickly be turned into a hot snack or Golden Lotus noodles can be cooked in a plethora of different ways. Both of Vifon and Golden Lotus noodles are on sale now!