Enjoy the epic Olympics with products from Longdan Oriental

On July 23, the largest sports festival on the planet officially began, marking a hot summer of the post-pandemic world. Celebrate an exciting olympic season with Longdan Oriental with the products recommended below


Let's start with the drink product from Longdan Oriental Supermarket. That is WHOLE EARTH Oragnic Cola 330ml, an organic Cola product from Whole Earth that will keep you thirsty while watching the fierce competitions. Whole Earth sparkling organic cola mixes in a bite of zesty lemon for a refreshing lift. It's vegan friendly and there's no artificial colours, preservatives or flavours. As it's all natural, it may have slight sediment, proof it's top quality. 

 Snack/ Crisp

A sporting event cannot be complete without snacks. Therefore, Longdan Oriental introduces you Longdan Jackfruit Chips, which will make your Olympic game more complete. 

Another snack product that Longdan Oriental would like to introduce to you is Longdan Spiral Biscuits 200g. Enjoying these product while cheering on your favorite sports team, it can't be better. 

 Hot Pot/BBQ 

Last but not least, hot pot as well as BBQ products will be introduced to customers by Longdan Oriental. First, we can mention the product DEZHUANG Double Flavor Hot Pot Base Spicy & Shrimp 300G, home sports with rich hot pot sauce, what can be more wonderful. To experience DEZHUANG's hot pot products, visit the link below: https://longdan.co.uk/collections/dezhuang-hot-pot-collection

Another hot pot product worth trying is HaiDiLao Self-heating Beef Hot Pot - Spicy Flavor 380g. The famous brand Haidilao hot pot from Taiwan will help arouse all your senses, along with great sports match. Promises a great gathering with friends. Besides this product, we also have another alternative for you, which is Haidilao's HaiDiLao Self-heating Beef Hot Pot - Tomato Flavor 395g, giving you more choices for your menu.

Indispensable pizza in watching sports with friends, the FRYS Pizza Smoky BBQ (Woodfried) 430g pizza will give you the energy to keep the fire burning while cheering for your favorite sports team. To buy more Frys pizza products, visit the link below: https://longdan.co.uk/collections/frys

Plant-based Product

For customers who want to use plant-based products, you can still enjoy an exciting olympic season with your friends with our plant-based foods, namely The Plantbase Store Vegan Beef Loaf 500g, to change the taste The Plantbase Store Vegan Pork Loaf 500g is also a great choice.

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