Tofuhat Brand And The Secret Ingredients of The Oriental Cuisine


1. The Tofuhat brand where you can find an original taste of the Oriental Cuisine.

2. Top outstanding quality products from Tofuhat tomake sure to satisfy any gourmets in UK market.

1. Tofuhat brand where you can find an original taste of the Oriental Cuisine.

Tofuhat is a company that offers a variety of Asian products from coconut oil to pickled vegetables in a jar. Those at Tofuhat are passionate about local production and making their products in the most sustainable way possible. All the raw material used to make Tofuhat products are carefully monitored to make sure they are the best quality possible, and this being visible to consumers is something Tofuhat values.

2. Top outstanding quality products from Tofuhat to make sure to satisfy any gourmets in UK market.

  • Tofuhat's Coconut - the best versatile coconut

Vietnam are one of the eight leading coconut planters in the world, and Tofuhat produce and export high-quality coconut cream, milk, oil and desiccated (dried) shredded coconut.
    Tofuhat coconut oil
    Tofuhat extra virgin coconut oil can be used for a plethora of different things. It is most well-known for being great in improving your skin and hair’s health, so most people use coconut oil as a hair mask or as moisturizer. Using coconut oil on your skin can help with dehydration, and will also protect your skin from UV rays. Coconut oil can also be used as a traditional cooking oil.


    coconut cream uses


    Tofuhat coconut cream is something that is used in Asian cooking in both sweet and savory ways. Coconut cream is often the base for most Thai curries and curries in general, and you can add different spices and flavours to it. Tofuhat coconut cream, usually sweetened with sugar syrup, can also be used as a topping on Vietnamese Chè (Vietnamese pudding).
    • Must-have products in the Oriental cooking: Fish Sauces and BBQ marinating sauce

    Tofuhat fish sauce

    This Tofuhat fish sauce, or nước chấm, is a Vietnamese dipping sauce often used as a dressing for stir-fried noodles or spring rolls. You can also dip dumplings and summer rolls into nước chấm, so it is a truly versatile dipping sauce. 

    Tofuhat BBQ marinade

    When added to meat, Tofuhat BBQ marinade is great if you want to add a little extra flavour. You can add it over pork chops or chicken thighs, and the marinade will bring a mix of chilli, pepper and smokiness to your meat. 
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    • Pickled Vegetables bring a variety of health benefits, texture and flavors.

    Tofuhat Pickled vegetables

    Tofuhat Pickled vegetables are a great side dish for savoury foods, and eating them brings freshness to your mouth, almost like a palette cleanser, so you can continue to enjoy your meal. The sweet, sour and spiciness of the pickled vegetables can help not only the flavour of the meal, but they can also help you digest the food better.

    • The best Fermented bean curd

    Tofuhat Fermented Bean Curd

    Fermented bean curd is a popular preserved tofu product all in East Asia. Fermented bean curd is salty and can sometimes be spicy (as this one is) and adds a new depth of flavour and texture to your meal. Wondering where to buy the products above? Click here to look at Tofuhat's collection of products, and get them for yourself!