How To Cook Brown Rice

A key problem with brown rice that may deter people from eating it regularly, is that it can be hard to cook right. Brown rice is finicky and can easily become too dry or too mushy if cooked incorrectly. Keep on reading to find out how to cook brown rice in an easy-to-follow method.


1. What is Brown rice?

2. How to cook brown rice?

1. What is Brown rice? 

 Brown rice is unpolished rice with only the hull removed, the outer coating of the grain. Inside the rice, the germ and the bran are kept, which is why brown rice retains all its vitamins and minerals. Because brown rice is the whole grain, it has more carbohydrates and fibre in it, which makes you feel fuller for longer after eating it, which is why many people opt for brown rice instead of white rice.


how to cook brown jasmine rice

2. How to cook brown rice?

It is easier to cook brown rice with a rice cooker, but you can still cook brown rice without one. You can do it in just 5 steps:

Tip: We recommend soaking the brown rice in water for at least five hours or even overnight for the best results. 

Step 1: Pour cold water over the rice, and massage the grains against each other in your hands to get rid of any dirt. Drain the excess water, and repeat. Wash the rice at least 2 times. 

Step 2: Place the rice in a pot. If you are cooking 1 cup of rice then add 1 and 1/2 cup water to the pot and bring it to boil until all the water evaporates.

Step 3: After all the water is gone, give the rice a stir and turn the heat down to the lowest setting. Cover and wait until the rice is cooked through.

Step 4: After 20 minutes, turn off the heat and let the rice finish cooking.

Step 5: Fluff the finished rice with a fork.

Don’t be afraid to try brown rice out! After you learn how to cook it properly, brown rice can be used in almost any dish, and is both nutritious and delicious. Buy your brown rice online here