Is five spices Chinese powder the culinary secret of Asian cuisine?

Five spices Chinese powder has long been famous in the culinary world, especially the large and long-standing Asian cuisine. However, many people still do not know about this miraculous ingredient. The following article hopes to help people have a more specific view of the origin, composition and function of five spices Chinese powder.

What is five spice Chinese powder?

Five spice Chinese Powder is a powdered ingredient used in food preparation in most Asian countries. As a long-established material, its origin is still subject to controversy in many places. For example, in China, or specifically the Guangdong region, is said to be the birthplace of the five spice Chinese powder. However, in other regions such as Japan or Bengal, there is also the appearance of a seasoning powder similar to the five spice Chinese powder called Panch phoron (Bengal) or Shichimi Togarashi (Japan).


5 spice chinese powder

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What ingredients are five spice Chinese powder made up of?

As its name suggests, five spices Chinese powder are made up of the following 5 ingredients:

  1. Sichuan pepper: This is a kind of pepper of the lemon family, has a hot spicy taste, appeared in Sichuan region of China
  2. Star anise: The fruit of anise tree, shaped like a five-petal flower. Anise has a spicy taste mixed with mild sweetness and faint scent.
  3. Cloves: The bud contains many essential oils, has a strong aroma, has a brownish color of dried cloves
  4. Chinese cinnamon: the bark of the cinnamon stem is spicy, sweet and has a signature strong aroma
  5. Fennel seeds: This is an herb native to the Mediterranean region with many beneficial effects on human health. Cumin seeds are hot and have a mild sweet taste

How to use five spice Chinese powder in cuisine?

Five spices Chinese powder is a spice suitable for both vegan and non-vegan dishes. With a strong aroma and the harmony between bitterness, bitterness, salty, sweet and sour, the five flavors help to remove the fishy smell and create a stimulating flavor for the dish. Usually, chefs and housewives often use five-flavored flour in the processing of stir-fried, fried, and grilled dishes, etc…

This ingredient is considered a spice with harmony between yin and yang, so when used in cooking, this spice will bring the user the harmony of taste and color. In addition, five flavored flour also gives users good health benefits.

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