Explore A New Taste of Japanese Cuisine In Gyoza

Food is one way to learn and experience a country’s culture. If you happen to travel to the Land of the Rising Sun, be sure to try out the classic Japanese dish: Gyoza (餃子), a Japanese dumpling.


1. What is Gyoza?
2. How many calories in 100g Gyoza?
3. How to Cook Gyoza at home in 5 minute?

1. What is Gyoza?

Gyoza is typically made with a ground meat and vegetable mix that is wrapped in a thin dough with the edges pinched together. 

Preparing Gyoza can vary depending on preference - they can be boiled, steamed or fried. However, fried Gyoza is arguably the most popular type in Japan. It would be rare to find a restaurant that does not have fried Gyoza on their menu.

The Japanese dumpling is always served with a soya dipping sauce that may also be mixed with vinegar, garlic, ginger, rice wine, hot sauce or sesame oil. Gyoza is light and easy to eat, so you may find that you’ve eaten more than you thought!

2. How many calories in 100g Gyoza?

A single serving of Vegetable Gyoza (100g in weight) provide the following

  • 270 kcal / 1130 KJ
  • 3g fat (LOW); in which saturates is 1g (LOW)
  • 2g of sugar (LOW)
  • 0.99g of salt (MEDIUM)

3. How to Cook Gyoza at home in 5 minute?

To taste the full flavour of gyoza, you’ll want to learn how to cook them yourself at home. Look at the 6 steps below, and learn how to cook gyoza in the traditional Japanese way, in just 5 minutes!

how to cook Gyoza
Step 4 - 6 to cook Gyoza

Finally, dip the warm dumpling in some soy sauce and enjoy!

Picture: Yummy Gyoza
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