Durian - The world's Smelliest Fruit

Famously known for its pungent smell, durian is a fruit almost everyone knows yet is not a fruit many commonly turn to for a snack. Durian fruit has a bad reputation for being both hard to open and when it is opened, having a powerful smell to it that is not favoured by the majority. However, under all of this durian is an amazing fruit and today, we are going to talk about why you should eat more durian. 


The flavour of Durian fruit: a smell so rotten and a taste so sweet

The amazing versions of Durian fruit - Durian flavoured desserts

Durian health benefits will amaze you

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The flavour of Durian fruit: a smell so rotten and a taste so sweet

A notorious fact about durians is that they smell strongly, hence the nickname "smelly fruit", and if someone doesn’t like that smell, it can deter them from eating durians. However, it might please you to know that the taste of durian to most is much better than the smell, and is quite different. While the smell of durian is sour and can oftentimes smell off, the taste of durian is sweet and tart, and the creaminess of the flesh of the fruit adds to it.

The durian fruit is mostly grown in the hotter areas of Southeast Asia, which is why places like Thailand and Malaysia are the most well-known durian producers. In these countries, durian is often a fresh, cold bite in the otherwise steaming and humid weather. The durian fruit reflects the best parts of Southeast Asian cuisine, and is one of the fruits representing Asian cuisine.

The amazing versions of Durian fruit - Durian flavoured desserts

Something that makes it hard for people to enjoy durian casually is all the work it takes to even get the durian open. As you might know, the durian fruit is covered in a shell of sharp spikes. The outer rind is used to protect the flesh from birds or animals that may want to eat it, but it can also discourage humans from eating it too. If you want to enjoy the durian flavour without the trouble of opening up a whole durian, here are some durian flavoured products you might enjoy!

Durian Candy

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Durian Biscuits

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Vegetarian Durian Pia Cake

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Durian health benefits will amaze you

One thing that may encourage you to eat more durian is all the health benefits the smelly fruit gives you. Eating durian helps reduce cholesterol levels, and compounds in durian can reduce the hardening of arteries, meaning heart disease and heart attacks have a lower chance of happening. Durian contains antioxidants that also reduce the risk of cancer, and it has the ability to boost the immune system. These are just a couple of health benefits from eating durian and there are many more.

We hope this article highlighted some of the many positives durian gives, and we hope it makes the smelly fruit less intimidating for people, and more people will reach for it as a snack.

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