Ways to Improve Your Instant Noodles

You don't have time to prepare or look for ingredients and search for recipes, but you need a meal that’s affordable, quick, easy and supplies you with the sufficient calories for the day. In this situation, most people would turn to picking up a packet of their favourite instant noodles..

However, there are ways to spice up your instant noodles, and make them more exciting (and nutritious).


1. The variation with different condiments
2. Add peanut butter into instant noodles
3. Stir-fried instant noodles 
4. Add egg to instant noodles 
5. Instant noodle cake

1. The variation with different condiments

(Estimated calories: from 220 kcal/920 KJ; to 255 kcal/1066 KJ)

You can enhance the flavour of your instant noodles simply by adding a little extra seasoning or sauce. Adding a splash of fish sauce to your instant noodles will improve the flavour, and don't stop there! Experiment with spices by adding ground chilli pepper, lemon juice, chilli sauce and see how it affects your instant noodles!

The best instant noodles recipe

2. Add peanut butter into instant noodles 

(Estimated calories: 385 kcal/1610 KJ)

It may sound crazy and weird, but you’ll be surprised at the delicious flavour it gives. Cook your instant noodles as usual, and add two spoons of peanut butter in it, mixing it up. Garnish with some sliced green onions, and you have yourself an easy and unique meal.

Add peanut butter into instant noodles

3. Stir-fried instant noodles

(Estimated calories: 230 kcal/962 KJ)

You can stir-fry instant noodles the same way as you would go about stir-frying regular noodles. Add some sauce and oil, and any addin of your choice, such as squid, meat, vegetables etc. Tip: you can use the seasoning packets that come with the instant noodles to season your stir-fry ones!

Stir-fried instant noodles

4. Add egg to instant noodles 

(Estimated calories: 280 kcal/1172 KJ)

If you want to add a layer of richness to your instant noodles, you can add eggs to it. This will bring more flavour and colour to your dish. One option is to use a boiled egg. Simply boil a small pot of water, and add your egg to it, cooking until it’s your desired level of doneness. Slice it in half, and add it to your noodles.

Add egg into Instant noodles

5. Instant noodle cake

(Estimated calories: 450 kcal/1883 KJ)
This eye-catching dish looks hard to make, with a few simple ingredients, you will have a new dish on the table. 

Step 1: Boil a small pot of water and place the instant noodles in for 2 minutes. Once cooked, drain the noodles.
Step 2: Mix instant noodle with sliced onion, 2 raw eggs (both the yolk and white), and wheat flour mixed with water
Step 3: Add a little bit of seasoning powder of the instant noodles to the mixture.
Step 4: Afterwards, take a small spoon of the mixture and fry like sweet potato or banana cakes for 6-8 minutes per side and you are done.

Instant noodle cake

For under £1, you can have a delicious bowl of instant noodles diverse in flavour and texture. There are also types of noodles which contain processed sachets of vegetables and meat, and manufacturers are putting more effort to improve the seasoning sachets in instant noodles day by day.

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