Building A Balanced Nutritional Meal Plan

It is important to make sure that you are eating all five food groups throughout the day. Vegetables, grains and protein foods are especially important and should always be part of your daily meals. Using our combo value packs will help you meet these nutritional needs for the day. Read on to find out how to have a healthy, balanced diet.


1. What is balanced nutritional meal?
2. How can I build a balanced nutritional meal?
3. A balanced nutritional meal plan in detail

1. What is balanced nutritional meal?

A balanced nutritional meal includes foods from all 5 food groups that fulfill all your body's nutritional needs. They are vegetables, fruits, grains, protein and dairy. Eating a balanced nutritional meal helps you maintain good health and it reduces the risk of illnesses and diseases.

2. How can I build a balanced nutritional meal?

Struggling with what to eat to ensure your meals include all 5 food groups? Let us help you find the answer, with our combo value packs! These combo packs help you start to build nutritional, healthy meals without any struggle!

Please note that dairy and fruits are not included in the combos, as they are things that most people already have in their fridges and cupboards, and thus are an easy decision for most to add into their diet. These meal plans aim to help guide you on what to heat to hit all 5 food groups, and so will include vegetables, grains and proteins, but remember that fruit and dairy are just as important!

3. A balanced nutritional meal plan in detail

Combo 1

Combo value pack 1
    Let’s start with a vegetarian option that anyone can enjoy! Hitting all the required food groups, you have the eggs for protein, the jasmine brown rice as grain and the mushrooms and sweet potato as the vegetables. Easy!
    Combo 2
    Combo value pack 2

    Two sources of protein in this one! The king fish is of course the main source, but the soybeans are a lighter but still fulfilling source of protein. Like soya beans, green pak choi is a light vegetable to eat, but crosses the box. Finally, the sushi rice as our grain. Perfect!

    Combo 3

    Combo value pack 3

    A slightly heavier stir-fry option, but still extremely nourishing! The pig trotters are a plentiful source of protein, and the enoki mushrooms as our vegetable option will cut through the tenderness of the trotters. With the rice sticks and the millet seeds as our grain option, it provides a steady base for the rest of our ingredients. 

    We at Longdan hope you can build a balanced and nutritional meal plan for your family using these combo packs. There are still many more options every day. Stay tuned for further updates!

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