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Eagle Brand Medicated Oil - 24ml

Eagle Brand Medicated Oil
Dầu Gió Xanh Con Ó
Packing: 24ml x 12 boxes


Product Information:
Trusted for generations, Eagle Brand Medicated Oil comes in
handy for any handbag and is a must have for every medicine
cabinet. Being a household name that everyone is familiar with,
one has come to recognise its distinguishable and refreshing
green colour and unique fragrance that gently soothes and
quickly brings welcome relief to headache and cold symptoms.
Premium in quality, Eagle Brand promises to provide only the
very best ingredients in this special formulation with therapeutic
properties of Eucalyptus oil. Made in Singapore, Eagle Brand
Medicated Oil has been in existence for more than 50 years and
its goodness and value of quick, easy relief has been handed
down from generation to generation.